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The mission of the Association of Ground Water Agencies is to promote interagency solutions that enhance the quality and management of groundwater resources.  

AGWA's purpose is to create a forum for the discussion of groundwater issues for managment of our groundwater basin resources, and to take action in connection with these.  

AGWA's primary objectives are to:

- promote enhanced management of groundwater basins

- improve the reliability of existing groundwater supplies

- assure the protection and enhancement of groundwater quality


Chino Basin Watermaster

Eastern Municipal Water District

Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster

Mojave Water Agency

Orange County Water District

Raymond Basin Management Board

Six Basins Watermaster

Upper Los Angeles River Area Watermaster

Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Western Municipal Water District

Affiliates: Bookman-Edmonston, a Division of GEI Consultants, Inc., Cadiz Inc., Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Mission Geoscience, Inc., MWH Americas, Inc., MWH Americas, Inc., Psomas, San Gabriel River Water Committee, Stetson Engineers Inc.

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